2016 Chautauqua Conference
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The Center for Family Resilience’s 7th annual Chautauqua was held January 29, 2016, and was a great success. The theme was “Family Caregiving: Fostering Resilience Across the Life Course” and then papers are currently being compiled into Volume 2 of our book series, Emerging Issues and Alternative  Perspectives on Strengthening Individuals and Families.

Historically, a Chautauqua was an educational gathering held on the prairies of the U.S. heartland during the turn of the century. The annual all-day OSU Chautauqua retains this spirit by gathering researchers, service providers, and policy makers around a series of research presentations centered on a common theme. The ultimate goal of the Chautauqua conference is to foster a translational approach within the study of resilience, such that practical applications for family health and well-being can be developed from basic resilience research.

Our next Chautauqua is being planned for early spring, 2017.  It’s theme will be iBiobehavioral Markers in Resilience Research.

Watch for coming announcements about the date and speakers for the 2017 Chautauqua!

Questions may be directed to Dr. Brandt Gardner or Dr. Amanda Harrist.  We hope to see you there!